Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tennessee ~ 2007

We arrived in Tennessee on Saturday morning, and have been enjoying ourselves, keeping busy, but having fun while visiting. On our way here we were NOT alone as we saw many other cars with their tops loaded down. We felt like we fit in as we truly are Briars as Mike is from Kentucky, my dad was from Missouri so I guess you could also consider me a Heathen. The girls said they don't want to be half briar or heathen but its in their blood!

Mike is keeping the porch swing going, I think he's put several miles on it already, and he's really giving his arm a workout, waving at all the people driving by! His new favorite spot is LaDonna's hammock as you can see by the photo.

He actually took a break, wanted to keep this to remind him that its okay to relax once in a while, anyway that is what Joe said.

Sunday morning getting ready to go to church and learn about the Savior. What a spiritual meeting we had too! Some strong testimonies were given. The spiritual starting of the day kept our day going wonderful.

Saturday night hours after we arrived we got to see the best fireworks ever. They were grand & we sat in a parking lot to view them so it was simple & quick to get on the road & back to LaDonna & Joes house.

Justin and Clayton were willing to give up their brand new bunk beds for the girls to sleep in, but "Princess Mariah" says that HER bed was just too hard!!! So, poor Cassandra has a sleeping buddy every night in that single bottom bunk!

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Anonymous said...

I will be the first to post my first blog....EVER!!! LOL.

It is good to see Mike kicking back...We don't see that enough now do we???

Kristian is here and doing good. He is cooperating with Dr. Janna and getting his brains he calls it. He doesn't like to be touched and tonight I told him that she needed to touch his face (#1 YUCK) and that it would work better if he kept his hands out of the way...He did GREAT!!! He gets alittle fixated on things....drives G & G nuts...Patient Paul has NO patience...Keep having fun...BE CAREFUL Love Ya Nannette